Aliph Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset Review

Aliph Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

Aliph Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

Aliph is known for its excellent transmisson and call quality, and the Era, with a steep price tag, was always expected to deliver, especially when the benchmark had been set so high by other Jawbone products like the Icon HD (also included in our list ). The Era comes with some new features like accelerometer, applications processor and new apps, but does it deliver ? Read on!

Design and Comfort

 Perhaps not the most artistic and colorful of mono headsets, the Jawbone comes in black, red and silver, with a textured body. It is 5 centimeters long, 1.5 cm in breadth with a height of 2.4 cm, i.e. the dimensions of the average headset. It comes with only two buttons, Power (or on/off) and Talk.

While the first is located on the underside along with , making it closer to one’s hand, the back holds the Talk button. In addition there is a pairing light near the Power button. For a speaker, the Era uses a 10 mm wideband (more on this later) with automated volume control. 8 sets of eartips, four in-ear and four on-ear with hook, are provided. The package also comes with a short USB cable and charger.

The Era Bluetooth Headset is perhaps the most comfortable of Jawbone’s line, with the earlier ones being either too big, or too heavy. The eight sets of eartips ensure that once the right size is found, the device feels comfortable even if worn for hours , and remains snugly fit even when moving fast.

Performance and Battery life

 Here again, it seems Aliph finally got it right. Though the Plantronics Voyager Pro+ may dominate in call quality and the Bose Series 2 in audio quality, the Era is perhaps the only complete package that gives nearly the best of both worlds. Transmission hs been Aliph’s forte, and the Era’s call quality is a significant improvement over that of the Icon.

Testing showed no signs of break or distortion, save for a slight wind noise. The receipient of a call made on the Era paired with iPhone also had no complaints regarding call quality. The range of transmission is also excellent, with upto 15 meters for music and five more for calls.

Similarly, audio quality registers a significant improvement with good bass. Since its volume adapts itself to surroundings, the Era Bluetooth Headset ensures that earlier problems with Jawbone’s headsets, like excessively low audio, are fixed, and one gets sufficient volume outdoors, and more than sufficient volume indoors. Aliph’s NoiseAssassin technology takes care of ambient noise. Finally, you get a larger earpiece with the Era, which when coupled with above mentioned features makes the Era one of the best headsets on which to listen to music (over mono, obviously) and podcasts.

This is not all – Aliph has given the Era a full processor, which can run real apps. While the initial apps mostly catered to simplistic “Call TellMe” and different alert voices, more sophisticated apps have now emerged, which make full use of the built-in accelerometer to provide newer forms of control for the headset. It even has the potential for becoming a gesture controlled gaming headset.

Finally we come to the battery. Here again, Era Bluetooth Headset isn’t the market leader (Plantronics M50 gives 10 hours) but it gives sufficient power to last for 5 hours on normal usage or 10 days on standby. Charging is fast, and can be fully charged in less than an hour.


With impeccable transmission, and call and audio quality that are nearly as good as market leaders , the Era Bluetooth Headset is the best of Aliph’s Jawbone range. With noise cancellation perfected , this set provides the best all-round music experience a mono bluetooth headset can provide.

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