Lightspeed Zulu Review – What You Need To Know About Lightspeed

Lightspeed Zulu

Lightspeed Zulu

The Zulu.2 is Lightspeed’s latest pilot headset which incorporates ANR (active noise reduction) technology cancelling out cockpit noise at various frequencies. The engineers at Lightspeed designed the Zulu.2 with magnesium ear cups which also aid in the active noise reduction process.

Weighing only 15.7 ounces, it’s a very light headset which makes it very easy to wear on those longer flights. Because of its light weight the “clamping” pressure required to keep it on your head is 15% less than the original Zulu headset. This reduced clamping eliminates the possibility of headaches.

The Lightspeed Zulu has a Dual Aperture Disc Microphone with an adjustable flex boom. This patent-pending technology actively reduces the amount of cockpit noise entering the microphone. The result is your voice being clearly understood on the other end.

To add to the comfort level, Lightspeed engineers have included plush ear seals and foam padding under the top head strap.

What Is It?

The Zulu.2 is Lightspeed’s newest model of pilot headsets. The previous model, the Sierra, is also an ANR headset with older technology and fewer features.

The Zulu has better noise reducing capabilities, an option for stereo reception, a more advanced microphone, an auto shut off, and is slightly lighter.

Because of its advanced technology, the Lightspeed Zulu costs about 50% more than the Sierra.

What I Like About the Zulu

The first thing I like about the Lightspeed Zulu.2 is the level of comfort it provides. Because of its light weight, padding in all the right places, and 15% less head clamping pressure, this headset rules in terms of comfort. Some pilots go so far as to say they forgot they had them on!

Another benefit about the Zulu.2 is the completeness of noise reduction it affords. With its Micro Vent technology and advanced noise cancelling components, the Lightspeed Zulu excels in active noise reduction.

One other benefit that’s cool on the Zulu headset is its Bluetooth connectivity with Mp3 devices and cell phones. This is especially handy when you’ve got your headset on and adjusted just the way you want it, and you remember you needed to make a quick call on your cell phone before you takeoff.  You just select that setting on the controller and, boom, you’re on your phone!

What I Didn’t Like About It

The only complaint I had about the Lightspeed Zulu is the cabling is a little lighter than I’d like. It sometimes gets wrapped around itself and needs to be “unraveled” periodically.

Not a big deal, just something that requires a little more time is all.

Overall Thoughts

Every product has its pros and cons and the Lightspeed Zulu is no exception, but overall I’d say the Zulu is a great headset. It excels in the active noise reduction department, is so comfortable it can be worn for hours at a time, and does everything the Bose A20 can do for about $300 less.

Oh and I almost forgot – Lightspeed’s service is very quick and very responsive. You can rest assured that in the event something does go wrong with your headset, Lightspeed will take care of it.

You’ll really be impressed with the quality of the Lightspeed Zulu headset.