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With growing competition in the stereo bluetooth market, Plantronics had to come out with something which would provide the great sound clarity stereo users seek, while doing something about the annoying bulk involved in standard headset designs. The Backbeat Go changes that with a thin cable going behind the neck. In addition it brings to the table strategically placed buttons and weighs far less than standard stereo headsets. But does it do the essential job ? Read on…

Design and Comfort

The Backbeat Go features two small curved ear-pieces joined by a thin cable, that hangs behind your neck without sticking to it as some behind- the-back headsets tend to do (like Amkette TrueBeats). The buttons are placed for ease of access close to the earbuds, with volume and multifunction being on the left and the bluetooth headset power button on the right. Though invisible when the headset is in use, they are really easy to get used to. The cable and earbuds are made of very soft material which we found extremely confortable during review.

Performance and Battery Life

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Hi-Fi Earbud Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Wireless Hi-Fi Earbud Headphones

Stereo headsets are meant to deliver good music experience, and the BackBeat Go, with its neodymium drivers, gives a decent one. Our review showed that while it lacks bass, the overall quality is pretty good. There is however slight disturbance when listening at high volume, but the issue is so slight that most listeners would not notice it. If you’re one who wants perfect music however, you’ll also face the additional issue of adjusting your earbuds correctly – they are so soft that even slightly different positions give differences in quality. It’ll take practice.

Coming to transmission, the Go doesn’t disappoint, which is something that may be expected given Plantronics’ excellent mono headsets like the Voyager Pro+. Transmission range is great, and there is little breakage within twenty meters of the phone/tablet. Call quality is excellent, and as may be expected of a stereo headset, noise cancellation is good. Indeed, it is easy to talk on a busy street with almost no noise. The recipient of the call failed to find much fault with audio clarity and volume.

The BackBeat Go also comes with an app called “MyHeadset” which adds an useful little battery indicator to an iPhone or Android running 3.0 Honeycomb or higher OS. Battery charges fast, getting to full in a couple of hours. At normal usage, the battery gives decent backup.


 Considering its $99 price-tag (reduced to $54 on Amazon now), the headset’s great audio quality makes it a winner. Though audiophiles may complain of low bass and high volume issues, overall the headset beats the competition when it comes to sound quality. Combine it with excellent transmission range and an uniquely comfortable design, the BackBeat Go is our natural choice for the best stereo bluetooth headset.


Note – Plantronics recently released an updated version of this headset, called BackBeat Go 2, which features the same design but with more remote buttons and a pouch (optional) which charges the headset. It has been priced at $79.99 on Amazon).

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