Telex 850 Headset Review – What You Need to Know About Telex

Telex 850 Airman Anr Pilot Headset

Telex 850 Airman Anr Pilot Headset

The Telex 850 headset, also known as the “Airman”, is the lightest ANR headset in the aviation world, weighing in at an unbelievable 4 ounces!

Even though the Airman 850 could be used by general aviation pilots, it’s actually better suited for jet cockpits, which are somewhat quieter than small, propeller –driven aircraft.

Telex has been producing aviation headsets for over 50 years, so they’re not new to this type of product. Through testing and experimenting, they have continually been improving their headsets.

More Information

The Telex 850 headset has an amplified, electret microphone which can swivel 320 degrees or be worn on either side of your head. It provides excellent noise-cancelling attributes which ensures your voice is clearly heard and understood when communicating with controllers.

Telex engineers have cleverly concealed the microphone wires within the boom to provide added protection and prevent wire breakage. They also included a strain relief system which also prolongs the life of the microphone wires.

What I Like About This Headset

The Telex 850 headset is extremely comfortable. It’s so light, you hardly know you’re wearing it. Telex has recently enlarged the ear cups to provide even more comfort for pilots, and gimbal mounting guarantees a perfect fit for every size and shaped head.

Another benefit I like about the Airman 850 headset is its price point. Most ANR headsets cost $900 or more. The Telex 850 Airman headset can be acquired for under $500.

Finally, I like the 3-year warranty and the fact that they’re made in the USA. It’s getting harder to find electronics made in our own country.

What I Didn’t Like

There’s not much to dislike about the Telex 850 headset, but one caveat is that it’s not the best choice for extremely loud cockpits. The noise reduction rating is lower than some of the other ANR headsets on the market.

Telex 850 Headset Review – Overall Thoughts

All in all, the Telex 850 headset is a great product. It gets great reviews on vendor sites, and has a proven track record as being an excellent choice for jet and turboprop pilots.

It’s extremely lightweight, fully adjustable, and provides good ANR benefits for pilots.